Authoritarian Parenting and Youth Depression

The first empirical study I will be discussing is one titled, Authoritarian parenting and youth depression: Results from a national study by King, Vidourek, and Merianos. (2016)

King, Vidourek, and Merianos (2016) studied the three types of parenting and made some specific references to the authoritarian approach to parenting and how it caused for depression among youths aged 12-17. The study included thousands of youths and also collaborated with the work of the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The three main focuses of the research were demographic information, adolescent depression, and authoritarian parenting with the participants being asked to rate their depression symptoms on a nine-point scale. Some of the questions included things about how their life was going, if they had lost interest in important things in their life, and if they had changes in their eating habits. (King, Vidourek, Merianos, 2016, 132)

The next part was an authoritarian parenting scale which asked about the parenting styles attributes and behaviours. Issues like whether parents checked to see if the youth had done their homework or asked them to do chores and was rated on a four-point scale. The demographic information section was about their age and sex. The information was collected through an in person and computerized interview process. (King, Vidourek, Merianos, 2016)

The results showed that 83.5% (King, Vidourek, Merianos, 2016, 134) of the youth felt depressive symptoms. Using the results a one-way anova was performed to see there was a relationship between parenting style and depressive symptoms. The information found showed that youth whose parents followed the authoritarian parenting style were more likely to have depressive symptoms in comparison to a youth whose parents say were more authoritative.

This isn’t the first piece of evidence that ties authoritarian parenting to negative experiences for children and youth. However, it does clearly show there is some kind of relationship which should be looked by parents. Out of the three styles discussed this seems to be the one that causes for negative implications which is the focus of my blog. It is important to understand how parenting styles and techniques can in fact cause harm for children and youth throughout their lives. From the two discussed in this study authoritative seems to be the better one at least in terms of youth having better mental health. This of course is a huge issue in our world today and much could be said about it.

King, K. A., Vidourek, R. A., & Merianos, A. L. (2016). Authoritarian parenting and youth depression: Results from a national study. Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community, 44(2), 130-139. doi:10.1080/10852352.2016.1132870




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